A tupo is the act of mispelling something on a chatroom or any online means of communication, usually with hilarious results. Making a tupo will nearly always result in others making fun of you, and as a result, when people make a tupo, they like to correct themselves, however, sometimes they make another tupo in the process.

Origin of the WordEdit

The word "Tupo" was invented on Candy Crush Saga Wikia's chat by the user Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711. 

He invented the word by making a tupo himself of the word "Typo", short for "Typographical Error". He had just made a tupo and intended to go "GRR TYPO" but instead called it a tupo. The word quickly gained fame and is still used today.

Types of TupoEdit

See Types of Tupo.